Technical Support Systems

The impact of climate change to Technical Support Systems and the necessary climate change adaption and implementation measures in this sector. The sub-categori of Technical Support Systems focuses on the impacts of climate change to Estonian roads, bridges, water supply and sanitation, as well as telecommunication.


The transport sector focuses on the impacts of climate change which affect the means of transportation, demand of passengers and cargo transported within or through Estonia, transport services and logistics. The transportation system consists of infrastructure, transport vehicles, people who move and the goods being moved, as well as related services, information, regulations and organisations.

Energy idependence and supply security

To ensure energy security in a changing climate in order to secure the energy demand of all consumers at any given time, whether in the form of heat, electricity or fuel.

Implementing energy efficiency

More effective energy efficiency measures for energy consumption and production, needed to be implemented due to changing climate.

Electricity production

To ensure the development of necessary business environment, infrastructure and connections for the production of electricity within the changing climate conditions.


Necessary climate change methods needed to improve the indoor climate and energy efficiency of buildings, and as to implement more effective measures for the improved materials and construction practices.
(Partner Baltic Environment Forum)

Energy Resources

Individual and combined use of energy resources for the production of electricity and heat, and energy production optimization in the context of changing climate.
(Partner Estonian University of Life Sciences)

Heat production and cooling

The impacts of the outdoor air parameter changes to the heat production and cooling.
(Partner Estonian University of Life Sciences)

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